Moppin Up

Moppin Up

Posted on Wednesday, January 12th, 2011 in Break, Episodes

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  1. HTFSmoothCriminal911 says:

    OMG Sniffles watch where ur going lol!

  2. Paul Manby says:

    As long as this site stays up they’ll be here.

  3. NOOOOO! i want happy tree friends to LIVE so i can watch them DIE!

  4. Kurk Fisher says:

    Can i use flippy after your done, saphire?

  5. Facebook User says:

    I need happy tree friends to live!

  6. Please dont stop making the shows!! I love them along with thousand of other fans please dont stop making episodes I’LL DIE

  7. Facebook User says:

    If you could have any HTF person come to life who would it be? mine would be Flippy so I could lock him in a cage with all the ppl I hate and then like have a war sound or something and then he would go crazy and kill all of the ppl I hate and then I would luv him even more :3 LOL

  8. like♥like♥like♥
    I ♥ happy tree friends!:)

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