YouTube Copyright School

Follow along with Russell as he pirates his way through copyright school learning how to stay out of the brig and not lose his booty!

Posted on Thursday, May 26th, 2011 in Fan Fest

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  1. HTFSmoothCriminal911 says:

    RUSSELL IS SO CUTE!!!! X3 But OMG that was FUNNY!!!! :P

  2. Sage Pointer says:

    Copyracists must die, all their children and relatives must die, and burn deep in hell until Earth gone. Knowledge must be free! Otherwise technology will die, and people will return to medieval.

  3. hey mondo media! i got another idea for youtube! how about how to block or report a bug! i know i need some help with that! you should do it!

  4. Anime_Gir1235 says:

    wtf all that for nothing

  5. Suguri Fox says:

    Damn copyright, that’s why youtube sux

  6. naomibaby says:

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