Dating Advice by Red & Blue

Dating Advice by Red & Blue

Posted on Thursday, February 3rd, 2011 in Best of Mondo Mini Shows, Dick Figures

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  1. krissaayyy says:


  2. MidnightBlackCat says:

    LoL so funny red said suck my @#!% hahaha

  3. xxjelloxx says:


  4. CuddlesTheBunny says:

    Andrew, HTF is not gonna end it said Dies but wtfc I don’

  5. lazipeter says:

    I think HTF are really gone…They’ll never come again…
    Let’s remember them for…..ever…..

  6. I’m sorry Alex. I think HTF has ended. Have you seen the last episode “Take Your Seat”?

  7. UNnaturalDeath95 says:

    your kidding Alex… Dick Figures is funny, is it the lack of blood that make dislike it?

  8. Alex Ragland says:

    I HATE Dick Figures! happy Tree Friends is my favorite internet series of all time, but this show is keeping everyone from seeing hilarious new episodes!

  9. LOL! “Crappy Valentines Day”

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