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Happy Tree Friends Fan Art: Anime!!

News: Happy Tree Friends Fan Art: Anime!!

We get tons of people asking us to check out their fan art, and we love looking at. Sadly we don’t have enough time to look at everything. There is one site that we love to check out because it has some amazing fan art. I’m sure you’ve all heard of Zerochan ( This site as a ton of anime fan art which makes it really strange that they have Happy Tree Friend stuff. We aren’t really anime, but I guess we have a lot of the same fans. Some of the most interesting is the art work with HTF characters as humans…actually; most of the HTF drawings here are the characters in human form. These detailed drawings are amazing. I’m pretty sure that a lot of these people are professional artists who just do this for fun. If they aren’t professionals, they should run out and get an animation job because they’re awesome. At one point, Kenn and I were talking about what an episode would look like if we did it in this style. He sat down and actually started sketching out what the characters would look like. Needless to say, it was a very difficult process, and we came to the conclusion that even if we could get the look right, animating it would take FOREVER! So sadly, I don’t think the anime style episode will ever see the light of day. We can take a look at some great fan art though. These are by no means the only good ones. I suggest checking out the site yourself. Personally, I’m not a fan of the creepy sexual images. It just seems wrong to see HTF characters that way, but to each their own. Check up some that Kenn and I like: Check out more at zerochan
Sneak Peak: Royal Flush

News: Sneak Peak: Royal Flush

Hey! This is my favorite kind of blog to write; the SNEAK PEAK blog! In the sneak peak blog I show you a bunch of shots from the upcoming episode, and you guys go crazy trying to figure out what the episode is all about. Also, the fact that there’s a NEW episode is AWESOME! Instead of me writing some hilarious set up (and it would be hilarious), let’s just take a look at the screen shots and see if we can figure out what’s going on. Looks like Lammy’s fixed some lunch…or dinner…I like sandwiches for dinner. Those sandwiches look pretty good. I see meat, cheese, lettuce, and maybe tomatoes. You know what I don’t see? Pickles! They’ve got to be there though, right? Lammy LOVES pickles. I also wonder if those lemon slices in the drinks are from the episode “Eyes Cold Lemonade”? On a side note, I really don’t like it when people put a slice of lemon in my water. If I wanted a slice of lemon, I would have ASKED for a slice of lemon. Oh look, it’s Petunia and Giggles. I’m going to guess that the sandwiches in the previous picture are for them. Of course, this is Happy Tree Friends. Maybe these pictures are out of order and they ARE the sandwiches! Nah, they’re probably there for a sandwich party or something. I wonder how they feel about lemon slices (see: Eyes Cold Lemonade). Well this looks like a friendly game of cards. I’m a little disappointed that there aren’t any sandwiches. I wonder if they ate them all already. It looks like Petunia is winning, but I can’t see all of Lammy’s chips. I bet in this episode nobody dies and it’s just going to be an exciting poker game. Oh wait! Look what I see on the shelf! That’s right…two white vases!! I LOVE vases!! That Kenn is so good at sneaking things into episodes. Well that’s the sneak peak. Feel free to come up with crazy theories about what happens in this episode. Here’s mine…I bet they solve a mystery with the gang from Scooby Doo. I’m not really basing that on anything, but it’s just a gut feeling I have.
A Bit of a Pickle

Episodes: HTF Shorts: A Bit of a Pickle

Make room at the table because the world of Happy Tree Friends gets a few new residents. Welcome Lammy and Mr. Pickels in their debut episode!

I Nub You

Episodes: HTF Shorts: I Nub You

Ah, “nub” is in the air! Watch Petunia find out the answer to the eternal question: is it better to have “nubbed” and lost than to never have “nubbed” at all?

Episode 4

Full TV Episodes: Episode 4

Episode four of the HTF TV series finds Lifty and Shifty disturbing Flippy’s peace on earth, lumpy blowing it trying to fix Petunia’s pipes and the heat gets turned up as Mime fans the flames in the kitchen.

Wishy Washy – Part 1

TV Episodes: Wishy Washy – Part 1

Petunia’s obsessive-compulsive disorder requires a visit from plumber Lumpy!

Wishy Washy – Part 2

TV Episodes: Wishy Washy – Part 2

Can Petunia clean up the mess that Lumpy made?

FAQ: What are Happy Tree Friends?

(Okay, it’s not that frequently asked but still a question) The Happy Tree Friends are cute, cuddly animals whose daily adventures always end up going horribly wrong. No matter how innocently their day begins, it always ends in mayhem. The ensemble cast includes Cuddles, the cutest darn rabbit you’ll ever meet, and Petunia, a sweet girl skunk always mindful to wear air freshener. Traveling through picturesque settings and speaking in a kooky language all their own, the Happy Tree Friends never know what chaos lingers just around the bend.

HTF Characters: Petunia

This sweet smelling skunk never raises a stink. You won’t have to hold your nose around this friendly critter. (Note: wears a pine scented deodorizer around her neck.)
Petunia’s Summer Smoochie

Smoochies: Petunia’s Summer Smoochie

Petunia dips her toe in the water and get more than she expects.