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Chew Said A Mouthful – Part 1

TV Episodes: Chew Said A Mouthful – Part 1

Nutty finds out the real reason it’s called a jawbreaker!

Chew Said A Mouthful – Part 2

TV Episodes: Chew Said A Mouthful – Part 2

Nutty gets a bad case of “lockjaw!” Find out if feeding his sweet tooth was worth all the trouble.

Episode 3

Full TV Episodes: Episode 3

The choice cuts from the third ½ hour HTF TV episode include Pop’s perils of picking a puppy, Nutty’s sweet mix up turning sour and then Lifty and Shifty’s ocean adventure turns into the red sea.

Nutty’s Party Smoochie

Smoochies: Nutty’s Party Smoochie

It’s a party and everyone is invited! Just be careful what presents you ask for ‘cause you just may get it!


HTF Characters: Nutty

This jittery squirrel with the wobbly eye always gets into sticky situations because of his sweet-toothed cravings.
Concrete Solution – Part 1

TV Episodes: Concrete Solution – Part 1

It’s all work and no play for the Happy Tree Friends!

Concrete Solution – Part 2

TV Episodes: Concrete Solution – Part 2

You’ll need your hard hat for the conclusion of this one!

False Alarm – Part 1

Irregulars: False Alarm – Part 1

Nutty cleans up his act. Maybe he’s just trading one addiction for another!

False Alarm – Part 2

Irregulars: False Alarm – Part 2

Watch how Nutty deals with his new addiction.

Sugar High

Arcade Games: Sugar High

It’s Nutty’s dream come true! There’s been an accident at the nearby candy factory exposing the delicious sweets inside. All the hungry birds are swooping in and taking all the candy.