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Random Acts of Silence

HTF Shorts: Random Acts of Silence

Don’t forget to be quiet in the library. When Flippy is the librarian, it might save your life.

That’s what we meme!

News: That’s what we meme!

Hey Guys it’s me! This is my third blog so I hope you know that it’s Warren Graff by now. We here at Mondo are big fans of meme’s and pretty much talk about them all the time. Kenn even creates interoffice meme’s for people who work here. Usually, if you say something funny or don’t do something you’re supposed to he’ll create one for you. Actually, 99% of the meme’s Kenn creates are about our Content Manager Z. None of you would find them funny, be we love them. Anyway, we wanted to create some HTF meme’s but we figured that a good meme needs to grow naturally. If we tried to push something it would fail miserably. Shockingly, when we searched for HTF meme’s we found a bunch. That just tells me that you guys are way ahead of the curve and we thank you for it. Here are a few of my favorites: I’ve seen this image with different text, and this text with different images, but this is my favorite combination of the two. The best thing is you can see part of her dad or uncle or whoever in the mirror taking the picture. I wish I knew the story behind this. Was the evil Flippy image done on purpose? Did he look at the picture afterwards and go “Holy Crap!”? The world may never know. This is a picture of a nursery in Poland. I have a little bit of Polish blood in me so I will withhold from cracking any Polish jokes…although I REALLY want to. Obviously the owners of this school just grabbed some cute images off the internet to decorate their school. I wish I could be there when a parent who is familiar with HTF walks up to drop off their kid. They’d probably call the police…or burn the place down. Here’s a book that is sold in Vietnam. It’s an aptitude development book for parents to use with their children. Again, it’s another example of people taking images without really knowing what that image is. Of course, I haven’t read the book. Maybe the skills it’s trying to teach children are “How to be a psychopath” skills. If that’s the case, than I would say the images are very appropriate. If you guys know of any other HTF meme’s, let us know. I’d love to see them. What do you guys think, as fans, of the HTF meme’s? Let me know.
Episode 4

Full TV Episodes: Episode 4

Episode four of the HTF TV series finds Lifty and Shifty disturbing Flippy’s peace on earth, lumpy blowing it trying to fix Petunia’s pipes and the heat gets turned up as Mime fans the flames in the kitchen.

Episode 2

Full TV Episodes: Episode 2

In the second HTF TV episode, learn about unbalanced forces at Flippy’s surprise party, Disco Bear’s belly and the law of gravity, then finally, when Lumpy becomes the law, order turns to bloody chaos fast.

All Hail Flippy

Break: Clips: All Hail Flippy

All Hail Flippy in a short celebration showing how everyone’s favorite veteran puts the trauma in post traumatic stress and keeps the dis in disorder.

Flippin’ Out

Playlists: Flippin’ Out

Light the fuse on this playlist featuring the most bombastic Happy Tree Friend character, Flippy!

Without A Hitch

HTF Shorts: Without A Hitch

In the dead of night, Flaky finds that unimaginable terror lurks at every turn. Fasten your seat-belts for a one way trip straight to the end of the road!

Mole’s Sneak Peek: Without A Hitch

News: Mole’s Sneak Peek: Without A Hitch

Halloween is almost upon us and, as some of you guys know, we LOVES us our All Hallowed Eve’s here at Mondo. Of course, we can’t let a holiday as important as Halloween go by without doing a special episode! Click to be the first to lay eyes on the new “Without A Hitch” episode!

Autopsy Turvy (Double Whammy – Part 3)

TV Episodes: Autopsy Turvy (Double Whammy – Part 3)

It’s Flippy vs. Flippy in a mad struggle of will for good or evil to reign supreme!

Autopsy Turvy (Double Whammy – Part 4)

TV Episodes: Autopsy Turvy (Double Whammy – Part 4)

It all comes to a head in the final installment of this epic tale of dueling personalities. Who says two heads are better than one?