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The Chokes on You Sneak Peak

News: The Chokes on You Sneak Peak

Hey guys, Warren Graff here. I’m a writer on your favorite web show, Happy Tree Friends. Back in the day, Kenn Navarro used to blog sneak-peaks of upcoming episodes but for some reason, that practice went extinct. I blame an asteroid. Anyway, now that we are trying to produce episodes with more regularity we figured we’d revive the sneak-peak blog…creating some sort of zombie blog. When Kenn was asked to start this up again, he said no. He’s kind of a jerk that way. They asked many other people, all of whom said it was beneath them. Finally, after being laughed at by a hobo who lives under the freeway, they came to me. I wanted to post a few screen shots to give you guys a feel for the upcoming episode. Let’s try and figure them out together, shall we? The building seems to be shaped like a coffee cup with a giant donut floating over it. It must be a butcher shop! Whatever it is, I think the handle sticking out over the side walk must make walking on that tiny circular sidewalk difficult. OK, I know these guys. It looks like Lumpy and Mole. What could go wrong when these two get together? Lumpy and some complicated machinery is a recipe for hilarity! I’m sure everything will work out smoothly for him and he’ll head home after a long day’s work. Here’s a bonus fun fact! Kenn Navarro hates donuts. I know, that’s crazy right? Personally, I love donuts, especially maple bars…but that’s for another blog. Check back for more info! Warren PS: We had some troubles with our data base, so some episodes disappeared. Everything should be fixed now. That’s what happens when you put Lumpy in charge of stuff.
Lumpy’s Lame Card Trick

MiniBytes: Playthings: Lumpy’s Lame Card Trick

See You Later, Elevator

Episodes: HTF Shorts: See You Later, Elevator

Aw Shucks! – Part 1

Episodes: TV Episodes: Aw Shucks! – Part 1

Farmer Lumpy proudly protects his giant ear of corn from a hungry crow!

A Bit of a Pickle

Episodes: HTF Shorts: A Bit of a Pickle

Make room at the table because the world of Happy Tree Friends gets a few new residents. Welcome Lammy and Mr. Pickels in their debut episode!

Letter Late Than Never – Part 2

Episodes: TV Episodes: Letter Late Than Never – Part 2

Neither rain, nor snow, nor heat, nor gloom of night shall keep mailman Lumpy from his appointed rounds!

Episode 5

Full TV Episodes: Episode 5

Episode five of the HTF TV series gets green with Giggles saving the environment then the magic happens when Lifty and Shifty get their wishes and we end up deep in the woods when the Scoutmaster Lumpy takes the troop for a hike.

Episode 4

Full TV Episodes: Episode 4

Episode four of the HTF TV series finds Lifty and Shifty disturbing Flippy’s peace on earth, lumpy blowing it trying to fix Petunia’s pipes and the heat gets turned up as Mime fans the flames in the kitchen.

Episode 2

Full TV Episodes: Episode 2

In the second HTF TV episode, learn about unbalanced forces at Flippy’s surprise party, Disco Bear’s belly and the law of gravity, then finally, when Lumpy becomes the law, order turns to bloody chaos fast.

Episode 1

Full TV Episodes: Episode 1

No good deed goes unpunished as Lumpy repairs a roller coaster, Splendid tries to save the town from a giant snowball and Pop washes cub in the kitchen sink. You’ll want to wash up too after this blood bath!